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mlc on our buddha deck wearing his new hat that nearly fits me. M is my most favorite squeezable thing of ALL. mlc & me in the park at the lilac festival, 2006. Do you love to read oprah's list of favorite things? I'm inspired to create my own here: gina g pottery -found gina at the lilac fest up here-her imperfect, earthy mugs & bowls are my favorite home art of the summer. B says the chunky vase on my table feels like it has "hip dimples" when you pick it up-so gloriously feminine. the kind of potter that makes me want to drop everything and buy a wheel and kiln.... tangerine soda -because i'm a sugar addict and these guys don't add any which makes me feel validated in rotting my teeth and body chemistry on occasion. bralessness -letcha freak flag fly and your boobs, too. white sage -or salvia ape, as it was nicknamed when i worked in the native seed biz. so sacred to fill the house with purifying smoke-did it late last night in order to infiltrate my dreams. fortune cookies -"be true and trust each other and all will be well"-the perfect answer to a burning question i had this week.... big calm -ooh this old album is so mellowy good with that sultry voice. mommy baby yoga -this is turning out to be a great dvd habit-M loves it and i get to stretch those pinching parts in my flying trapezius. coconut almond body souffle -a major splurge with a gift certificate from B at the day spa. this stuff is heroine for the senses. laura mercier does not mess around. ginger peach tea -and look at the crazy new line they have that appeals to all of my lusty packaging desires. anasazi pot beans and cornbread - boutique beans. heirlooms, yo. look like something off of the mythological pilgrim/indian dinner table. yummmmyyyy!!! with a piece of kombu seaweed thrown in while cooking. I have been cooking like a crazy person-last week mushroom pot pies, this week yellow curried squash with cilantro and cashews. What's in your pot? As lovely leonie loves to say.


Blogger Goddess of Leonie said...

mama pixie is LOVELY!


bebe miles is magnificent in his tender little way.

your pot sounds simmering over with goodness. my pot this weekend will be shared with dear friends, tasting all the better for a weekend of sacred space and goddesses. :)

love you

5/25/2006 02:45:00 PM  
Blogger tariansdream said...

oohhh I just want to squish him all up :) he's so darn yummy!!

Our pot bellies will be feasting on black bean burritos tonight ")

squish squish!! OHH!!

5/25/2006 04:29:00 PM  
Blogger Bohemian Girl said...

look at you in that cute hat.

i just wanna squeeze you cuz you're so fracken amazingly beautiful and cute all rolled up into one.


5/25/2006 09:18:00 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

swooning of mlc!

would love your curried squash recipe.

my pot:
this weekend satchel's grandparents are coming to celebrate his first birthday. tonight i'm making gnocci con piselli. for satchel's b-day a brunch of spinach frittata for the big people and peach berry gazpacho (that satch can eat with us) and his first cake...banana cake with wholesome organic ingredients, baked in a mini muffin tin so he can have his own tiny cake. (got advice from my pal the holistic ped doc on the cake)

5/26/2006 03:39:00 AM  
Blogger Swirly said...

I love, love, love those pictures - THEY are on my current list of favorite things!

5/26/2006 09:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Julie said...

I love the pictures, too! Thank you so much for sharing your sweet son and your favorite things. I predict that I'll be doing some serious online shopping before the end of this long weekend. You've already inspired me to post a list of my favorites, too.

5/28/2006 07:05:00 AM  
Blogger The Whole Self said...

wait...you can go braless with the milkies?!? i'm jealous! it would be milkfest 2006 if i dared to take off my bra. not unless i'm in the shower!

5/30/2006 11:35:00 AM  

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