mother's day lunch, 2006. "If you then become excessively focused on the goal, perhaps because you are seeking happiness, fulfillment, or a more complete sense of self in it, the NOW is no longer honoured. It becomes reduced to a mere stepping stone to the futrue, with no intrinsic value. Your life's journey is no longer an adventure, just an obsessive need to arrive, to attain, to 'make it'." --Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now


Blogger penelope said...

Loud and clear.


5/15/2006 02:20:00 PM  
Blogger Goddess of Leonie said...

happy mamas day, spirit mama

5/15/2006 04:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Lunarmusings said...

wow... I so needed this quote! Thank you so much for that. I love when the messages come to you when you need them.

5/15/2006 05:01:00 PM  
Blogger The Whole Self said...

love the movement of his hand...it's so hard to catch them still. happiness.

and thanks for the quote...i've been struggling with goals and feeling the pressure to get a job massaging and use my education. trying to stay focused in the moment and enjoy the kiddies while i have the luxury of being home with them.


5/16/2006 05:43:00 AM  
Blogger Swirly said...

What a perfect way to start my day. :)

5/16/2006 07:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Julie said...

Amen ... but that excessively focusing thing, it's really hard to stop.

5/16/2006 08:25:00 AM  
Blogger kelly said...

beautiful family...i hope you enjoyed your first mothersday.

5/17/2006 12:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I needed that, Pixie. Thank you. :)

What a beautiful picture! Just the energy and love you have for Miles and he has for you on full display.

I so admire you.

5/17/2006 04:15:00 PM  
Blogger Bohemian Girl said...

ooooh, that was good.

thank you for that much needed gentle reminder.

and this picture brought a plethora of smiles to my face. yesss...a gorgeous start for my day.

love and miss you, Pixie~licious!


5/19/2006 10:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just found your blog via Keri Smith and wow, that quote gave me a chill. i really need to take that one with me. thanks!--ani

5/25/2006 03:04:00 PM  

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