hey baby chickens

for cm.

it certainly is easy to get here only twice a month! i would love to do better than that. one word-newborn. *sigh* ....to clarify......*happy sigh* *dreamy sigh* his fresh, bright eyes scan the room and pick up something new each time.

adjusting adjusting adjusting. each day a new adventure, a new discovery, trying on the word "mommy" (with a person this time instead of a dog), gearing up and slowing down, all at once.

milky stains cover my tee shirt this morning. one is near my armpit. ?? sleepy conversations revolve around poo and its multiplicity of colors and textures. neglected pets pile up at my feet.

the second season of arrested development is hysterical. laughing good. love this company: under the nile, if you know someone having a baby, get thee to this organic cotton company, their blankies and tee shirts totally rule-so soft! thinking about clothes and what my old jeans might feel like. *sigh*

know when you're single and one of your friends is blissfully and newly in love and you want to punch her? i feel annoyingly in love. i can't stop talking about him, thinking about him, wishing he would go to sleep because he needs it but counting the minutes until he wakes up so i can kiss his fat cheeks.


Blogger Swirly said...

I am so loving your stories, musings and tidbits about this new journey. Everytime I read your entries I feel my heart glowing. I can see your heart glowing too, and visualize you floating through your days with this wee boy in your arms.

I am so excited to see you all tomorrow I can hardly stand it.

11/04/2005 10:12:00 AM  

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