Giving Thanks

The Stormy Goddess, 2006. Riding back from my parent's home tonite with B and Miles, I looked at the teeny fingernail Scorpio moon with admiration. B said something about loving the sight of the full circle in darkness around it. "Like most of it is in a shadow", I said quietly. I felt a great wonder and appreciation for the solar system, the universe, the vastness of all life which hangs in perfect balance at all times-even when it seems like things are grossly off -kilter. I do believe this in my core, that all life exists in perfect balance at all times. It can look so contrasted at times-my small life seems graceful and beautiful, full and expectant. The greater world can seem scary and dark, full of suffering and lack. I cling to my belief that is reflected in the moon's cycle, it always comes to fullness and then circles back around. Perfection. I'm grateful for all that is, in my small life here on this big, round, gritty, watery, rock.


Anonymous gangie said...

I too, am grateful for life and the wonder and beauty we are honored and privileged to gaze upon. The fingernail moon or the full golden one, the violet,pink, orange sunsets, the autumn hues in the trees, the creek that dances over the rocks, the stars in the desert sky, the Monarch butterfly--oh, the gifts are abundant and infinite.
Today I give special thanks for my husband, daughter, son, son-in-law, and the sweet baby who loves secrets.

11/23/2006 09:16:00 PM  

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