decidedly unpink

today i feel crappy. coldish, headachey and wanting to disappear from paper mail and anyone who wants something from me, first of all SBC who can *&%$ off. i feel totally worn out and as if my body is trying to tell me that these last weeks of barely taking my vitamins and eating like shit (read frozen everything) are paying off. nothing will fit today. i can't even get the fucking dropper lid off the the rescue remedy if that tells you how icky i feel! poor, poor me! pity me, i tell you! last night as i lie awake thinking of all of the fabulous things i wanted to post today instead of sleeping (while i can, an unwise choice at best) a brilliant blank canvas shone in front of me. i had dozens of ideas for filling it. now i have only whining complaints and my original photo that wouldn't bloody load. garden fairy #2 it is. that's what i got. plus a few new links to your right. if you don't know these girls, you should. they will rock your world when posts like this make you head for the ben and jerry's. *lackluster sigh* i'll be back to my pixieish self very soon. but today i am crapmistress. bear with me, ya'll. (***note to pookie-how can i get a hold of you???? i got your mail and your post about wondertemp's wedding-so cool! email me at campbellhq@earthlink.net )


Anonymous Anna said...

Did you get my e-mail? I got a robot response that had a link in it, but my attempt to access the link was a failed one. :)
(the address is littlekukla at hotmail dot com)

2/10/2006 02:36:00 PM  

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