The Goddesses of VICTORY, Aug 2006. Been a very long day. Do you know that it is after 10 pm and I have not brushed my teeth all day. Gross, huh? It began with the phone ringing off the hook and my baby's nap schedule thrown off by the extreme faldaral. Then I decided as soon as B got home that NOW was my time to seize the moment and reorganize the entire garage. I know of two preggies having boys and so I packed boxes overflowing with clothes and maternity clothes, etc to send to them, as I have been meaning to do this for months now. I am loving a few things right now: *ruffled bummie knickers from agent provocateur: oooh la la to the max. *not so sexy but very supportive and neato keen providence clogs-the best. *hobo international handbags. *fat tire beer. *fitting into my prepreg clothes, all but a few pairs of skinny jeans. *annie's shells n cheese. *thai herbs, the northern blend from mango grove with cinnamon bark and kaffir lime. *licorice mint tea with messages from god on the paper tag. *mrs. meyer's geranium scented dishsoap *sparkly dishscrubbers from whole foods *longtime friends *strollin with my babe past the stellar's perch and bigwhitedog house *badger medicine "Badger's certainty is a source of strength." Jamie Sams May you be certain in all you are...


Anonymous gangie said...

glory! i didn't think we'd be so fortunate as to have 2 blogs so close together so I just found this one. i never even got to post a 'yay for sugs...and the tooth shall set him free' to yesterday's blog.
today's blog was a tasty treat as well---good stuff. I feel like I just scored a buy-one-get-one-free black and white from our favorite soda shop.

9/08/2006 08:39:00 PM  

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