Tooth Fairy

I wonder if he gets this frownie forehead from yours truly? He didn't get that light hair from me.... We are all aflutter here at Campbell Cottage because our eleven month, 6 day old boy is finally cutting his first tooth. Break out the champagne! Many months of on-again-off-again drooling, cranking and gnawing everything in sight has paid off. He has been foaming little bubbles today in honor of the long-awaited pearlie. In other news, I am having a lusty affair over at Typepad-creating a little business card for the writing work that I've been cultivating. I do so wish I'd taken that graphic arts class at community college so many years ago. My experience trying to make a banner in Illustrator last night was a comedy of errors, to say the least. I'll post the link up here as soon as its shined up a bit more. In other other news, our house in the Central Valley is nearing completion. We'll be packing it up once again and giving it another go. Fall is my very favorite time of year here in the mountains-the apples will be ready in another couple of weeks, the sunflowers are all so tall and polleny, the nesting birds are gathering twigs and yarns for their snuggly winter roosts. It goes without saying that I will dearly miss this place when I'm gone. Tonite there is an amazing full corn moon shining overhead. She promises abundance. I want to send up a little Happy Birthday to my dear Maya, my Virgo sister, whom we lost early this year. And I want to offer up a wee prayer of fertility for my handful of girlfriends who are trying to fill their wombs up with babies and are met with challenges and loss. May this season be one of inner wealth.


Blogger Wendy said...

my oh my he has good cheeks! good luck with your move...may you enjoy your new crib and much as your beloved mountain.

satch sends his congrats on your tooth, miles!

to maya the missed, happy birthday, dear one.

9/07/2006 03:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Marilyn said...

Although I only read about Maya a couple of times here, I've thought of her many times the past few months (in connection with my thoughts about our dear friend who has her disease). We just learned yesterday that our friend may be receiving a transplant of half a liver from a live donor (and we had no idea that was even a possible option in his case). So it's fabulously good news. I wish that a miracle had happened for Maya so that she could have been around to celebrate her birthday in an earthbound way...and I can't imagine based on what you've shared about her that's she's not off somewhere fabulous celebrating her essence in a magical way...and looking down on you and your lovely family with gratitude for your kind thoughts for her.

10/03/2006 06:20:00 AM  

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