Figuring It Out

Today I'm devouring Gaia's Garden, a book I began last year about permaculture, polyculture, and plant guilds. It is shedding new light on environmental sustainability at the homesite. Even those with teeny yards can get in on the fun of habitat building and food growing! Toby Hemenway's writing is inspiring, thoughtful and very easy to follow. He goes as far to explain why our culture is obsessed with neat, orderly, water-gobbling, useless, grass lawns. A bit of psychology for the gardener-I love it. He makes many compelling arguments against all-native landscapes and for companion plants who take the burden out of small-scale vegetable and food growing. What a fun and enlightening read. A visit from this amazing seeker-woman made the holiday weekend so much sweeter. Thanks for dropping by the hacienda, M and J! And thanks for sharing Jack's hot nuts with us. The planting season is upon us in the fertile mesopotamic valley-I'm drawing diagrams, figuring out how to get the birds, bees, snakes, lizards, good bugs, nutrients and fertility moving in this soil with no added chemicals or pesticides. I'm excited about the long growing season here and about harvesting food and flowers in a matter of a couple of months!


Blogger HerbanGirl said...

I'm so grateful for our visit this weekend! Read more on my blog ;-)

I can't wait to see what you do with your gardens, inner and outer, as you till the soil and weed and sow and nurture and reap the harvest of all your hard work. Growing all those old and funky feelings into the blooms of the heart, carrying you forward more brave and honest and compassionate than before. What a gift of a friend you are! XOXO

2/19/2007 03:55:00 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

this question has nothing to do with gardening, but how is miles handling the juice box? i'm afraid to give one to satch because i think he may pour out the contents. his latest trick is to take a sip of water from his cup and then open his mouth, spilling the liquid everywhere. lots o' wet shirts and furniture on our end.


2/19/2007 04:35:00 PM  
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