Did you know that a male Emperor penguin holds the newly laid egg on its foot to prevent it from freezing to the ice? He holds it there for two months until it hatches, protecting it with his feathers! He won't even eat until the hatchling is safe and mother takes over. I could bet that our papa penguin would do it for Miles. I may have to toss him a few bowls of mac n cheese from time to time, but the man is committed. We are so like the penguins, B has got the endurance and I've got the supercharged nurturing, boo boo kissing, cure all power for what ails the babe. Today that would be crowding dogs drooling up in his grill, too much walking practice and wooden food that tastes of splinters. Remedied by hysterical bouts of laughter at flatulance sounds, wearing my camera lenscover on his face half the day and quinoa and coconut macaroons. It is still freezing here, so outdoors is off limits for my blood. I ran out to the store tonite in eleven degree weather. There is a pile of bowl-shaped ice on the grass, a result of having to dump out pet water turned solid every morning and refill it. Our lucky animals get to sleep inside, one under the covers even. Moving day is upon us, yet we sat on the couch watching the first season of Angel, a Christmas present from my brother, and ignoring mountains of random items that are beginning to form just about everywhere. One more night of penguin love won't hurt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew these hairy Hobbit's feet would come in handy at some point! I loves my babies!

1/18/2007 12:15:00 PM  

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